For over three decades Stanley B. Gill has worked in Hollywood behind the camera as a writer, director, producer and cinematographer. He has worked in post-production as an editor, sound mixer, post-production supervisor and re-mastering producer.

Throughout his career Mr. Gill has run several industry divisions and companies which clients have included all the major film and television studios: The Walt Disney Studios, NBCUniversal, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks SKG, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and many more independents.

Raised in New Orleans, Stan studied through Louisiana State University and went on to graduate from the best little film school in Los Angeles – Columbia College Hollywood. Today, he brings his creative and business development talents to bear on the cinema, television, new and transmedia communities in Hollywood South, with one mission — to help make Hollywood South THE contender.

As an independent producer, he has leveraged his career, background, skills and experience to launch an Internet start-up — The HollywoodSouth Blog™ — while developing his own cinema, television, new and transmedia projects.

“I’ve always dreamed of producing in Louisiana while strategically leveraging my contacts in the Los Angeles Hollywood community.” – Stanley B. Gill

As Local Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project in 2007 he, “Singlehandedly gave the New Orleans indie film community a collective voice overnight.” Mr. Gill launched an international film competition in the post-Katrina New Orleans environment to bring back the independent filmmaking community to the United States’ third largest film & television production revenue generating state.

“I have had the honor of working with such Hollywood titans as Orson Welles and John Huston, in the early stages of my career. Our paths crossed while working on various projects. I was too young and naive to know I 'wasn’t supposed to speak with them.' So, I spent countless hours just listening to their ‘what drives them’ stories. I shall never forget my fortuitous opportunities to be blessed by their presence. Their legacies live on in cinematic history.” – Stanley B. Gill

Hanging his own shingle as an independent producer, New Orleans Moving Pictures Co. was born. Mr. Gill is actively developing several cinema, television, new and transmedia projects to be exclusively produced in Louisiana utilizing the talents of Hollywood South.