Stanley B. Gill | Writer Producer Director

Award-winning writer, producer, director Stanley B. Gill for over three decades has worked in Hollywood and Hollywood South behind the camera and in post-production – telling stories.

Mr. Gill has run several industry companies and divisions whose clients have included all the major film and television studios: The Walt Disney Studios, NBCUniversal, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks SKG, ABC, CBS, Fox, and many, many more independents.

Raised in New Orleans, he brings his creative talents and business development skills to bear on the film, television, music, and stage communities in Hollywood South, with one mission — to help make Hollywood South THE contender.

Mr. Gill has leveraged his entrepreneurial background, skills and experience as a producer to launch an Internet start-up — The HollywoodSouth Blog — while developing his own film, television and multimedia projects.

“I’ve always dreamed of producing in Louisiana while strategically leveraging my contacts in the Los Angeles Hollywood community.” – Stanley B. Gill

As Local Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project in 2007, he “Singlehandedly gave the New Orleans indie film community a collective voice overnight.” Mr. Gill spearheaded an international film competition in the post-Katrina New Orleans environment to bring back the disenfranchised independent filmmaking community to one of the United States’ largest film and television production states.

“I have had the honor of working with such Hollywood titans as Orson Welles and John Huston, in the early stages of my career. Our paths crossed while working on various projects. I was too young and naive to know I 'wasn’t supposed to speak with them.' So, I spent countless hours just listening to their ‘what drives them’ stories. I shall never forget my fortuitous opportunities to be blessed by their presence. Their legacies live on in cinematic history.” – Stanley B. Gill

Hanging his own shingle as an independent producer, New Orleans Moving Pictures Co. was born. Mr. Gill is currently developing several film, television and multimedia projects, to be exclusively produced in Louisiana utilizing the talents of Hollywood South. He is also a proud United States Navy veteran.

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Screenplays Created and Written by Stanley B. Gill

A Magnolia Salvation

[Feature Film] * * * CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT * * *

An award-winning agnostic journalist named Sam, accidentally re-connects with her estranged mother, only to discover she was not adopted and her gay priest father was killed when she was young, in the true story of the worst mass murder of gays in American history.

In the city that care forgot – New Orleans – Sam seeks out ‘where she came from,’ ‘where she’s going,’ and along the way, tries to find A Magnolia Salvation.


Cathedrals of Sin

[Feature Film] * * * CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT * * *

A modern day U.S. Navy war veteran, Jax Lafitte, returns home to New Orleans after three tours in the teams, to a career in law enforcement, to train the next warrior class. Trying to save the world, fight improbable demons, and find a salvation. Without losing his soul.

"Training Day" meets "The Departed."


V o o D o o K r o n


VooDoo (VOO-doo) noun. a religious order colonized on the third planet from the Sun ☉ - Earth ♁ - in a Type SBc galaxy called the Milky Way. fuses doctrines of mythic rituals, dark sorcery and spiritual possession. In the not too distant future... Earth inhabitants have enjoyed decades of relative peace, free from wars. Humans find mutual extinction abhorrent. The Jacquard-Laveau code outbreak in New Orleans gave rise to the XenoPhons, a virulent computer species which mutated, crossed-over and systematically became SELF-AWARE. A powerful and clandestine military caste of VooDoo Warriors were commissioned by the stealth U.S. Code Intelligence Alliance in response. Their only directive – GLOBAL ORDER NO. 1 - SEARCH, DETECT, AND TERMINATE XENOPHONS IN THE WILD. To launch missions, the VooDoo Warriors must traverse a wild called... V o o D o o K r o n

"Blade Runner" meets "The Matrix" meets "Colossus: The Forbin Project" meets "Stuxnet."


CLICK TO PLAY: VooDooKron Pilot Teaser

Get Bingles

[Short Film] * * * CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION * * *

The Sopranos walk into a Lebanese poker game looking for Mister Bingles.

"The Sopranos" meets "Get Shorty"


A Lone Ride Home

[Short Film]

What if a heavenly guardian talked with you today? And they heard you?


Just When U Thought

[Award Winning Short Film]

In a world of Internet dating, 2 souls discover they got dumped by their blind dates via text message, only 2 have a chance encounter on Independence Day. #JWUT

Indiana Short Film Festival 2015 – Best Comedy Audience Award


CLICK TO PLAY: Just When U Thought

Just One More Time

[Short Film]

What if actors were given one more chance at life by Marlene Dietrich? Unsuspecting actors have a chance. A chance at life. Again.


An Unfinished Life

[Short Film]

What if you were given one last chance at life? A depressed, angry and soon to be dead man, re-examines his life at the very last moment.



[Short Film]

William Shakespeare and Monty Python walk into a bar at Disneyland. You figure it out.


Currently In Development


ShadowLines – The Day the Music Washed Away What if you woke up one day ... and your JOB was gone? What if your HOME ... was gone? What if your CITY ... was under water? What would YOU do?

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ShadowLines The Documentary
CLICK TO PLAY: ShadowLines The Documentary Trailer