beNOLAbound – New Orleans Sends Small Biz Some Big Lagniappe

The City of New Orleans and Louisiana have been not-so silently parading headlines of economic successes over the last few years, in the land some forget and to resounding success. For that matter, a lot of people still think the mouth of the Mississippi river is the bottom of the toilet bowl for life in America. Katrina, Rita and the levee breaches had a hand in creating that vision. The organized armies of Big Easy business carolers have been proving on a day-to-day basis this vision has to be changed — at all costs. lagniappe | lanˈyap | noun. Something given as […]

beNOLAbound – A Business Test for New Orleans

Ever since my life-changing experience with NOLAbound back in March, my fellow NOLAbounders and I have been publicly blogging and privately discussing behind-the-scenes about our unique experiences.  I wanted to wait at least a month before my next posts, to allow some time to click by and the NOLAbound hangover to subside. While most conversations we had were private, the public conversations had specifically focused on the process of moving to, and creating businesses in New Orleans.  Some of us had decided we are going to put New Orleans (NOLA) to the test — starting a business. Of our NOLAbounders, […]