Stanley B. Gill

Stanley B. Gill

A Screenwriter’s Tool: OmmWriter For Writing Story

Written by Stanley B. Gill
September 28, 2017 (Updated: June 8, 2024)
OmmWriter A perfect place to think and write

If you were ever looking for something other than Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and a myriad of other writing software programs for your screenwriting development, you should give OmmWriter a workout.

What this simple program does is block everything out while writing. In today’s world, of social media and smartphones, the distractions are at historic levels not seen since the dawn of man!

See what kind of writing you can accomplish?

Having used OmmWriter for several years now, I highly recommend trying out the features it provides. Other writing programs develop over time with the addition of more and more features, whereas OmmWriter has done the exact opposite – pared down to the least features, combined with pleasant features.

“A perfect place to think and write”

Typically, where I use OmmWriter is in writing story prose for my screenplays, my treatments, my synopses. Essentially my free form thinking approach to writing in the initial stages of story creation. Think of OmmWriter as another tool in the chain of tools I use in screenwriting.

The Nuts and Bolts

The writing screen is very clean, comforting and mildly customizable. You can change the background image, music played, and even the keyboard typing sounds.

When I first tried OmmWriter, I was so impressed by the simple solution to writing. The toolbars fade away when the mouse is not hovered over them.

You can download OmmWriter for free and make a donation for further development.

OmmWriter Screen

Of those writing tools besides OmmWriter (get it here), my go-to’s are Jungle Software’s StoryO for story development (think digital index cards on steroids) and Final Draft (the easiest, fastest, most-featured tools) for the actual screenplay.

This Is Not A One-Tool-Fits-All-Jobs

Could you just use one of these programs for everything? Probably, but why constrict your writing techniques?

If you have a toolbox full of a variety of tools, as opposed to one of those Roncomatic tools (no offense to Ronco), you can become a more-skilled writer.

Though, having used those tool boxes over my career full of a variety of tools, with regards to writing, narrowing down to your go-to tools should tilt your writing away from the mechanics, and more towards the creative.

As always in screenwriting, your mileage may vary. See your doctor if mysterious rashes appear over your eyes, or, you are having difficulty wiping your butt.


– Stan